Jane Weller

Visionary and co~founder of OneSpirit and Essense 

ReCreation Facilitator… assisting the current evolution of consciousness…

thru inspiring divine experiences of Unity, Love, Light, Gaia, Spirit, Ceremony, Meditation, Music, Dance, Celebration, Beauty, Magic & Joy ૐ♥☼

Facilitator of Circles, LoveBeam Gaia Meditation & Om, Tribal Tech Ecstatic Dance, Sacred Solfeggio Sound Baths, Healer, Musician, DJ & Event Organiser

Trained in Ecstatic Trance Dance, Conscious Breathwork, Health Kinesiology,

Diet & Nutrition, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT),

Anatomy, Physiology & Massage, Reiki, Conscious Evolution

Jane has followed a spiritual, music, creative and healing path for many decades…


Amir Promo Pic

Amir Mojarrad

Amir has been a professional drummer for more than 30 years and regularly plays in bands, is in the resident band OneBeat playing at OneSpirit, facilitates Drum Jam Circles, Kundalini Yoga, Being Energy and EFT.

For many years Amir has embarked on a journey of self healing and self realisation and sees the fruits of his journey in his level of fulfilment and purpose in life.

Amir is trained in Drumming, Kundalini Yoga, Being Energy & Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and he intuitively guides classes in any of these or in combination.



Claire Bailey

Transformational Yoga and Meditation invites each individual to explore themselves as a multidimensional human being of physical body (using physical asanas), breath/emotions (using pranayama breathing practices), mind/thoughts (using pranayama sound vibrations and meditation), and psychic/heart (using mantras of love) – connecting with the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space to help purify and transform; all the while drawing on the shared yantra (mandala/circuit of energy) that has been created in the forming of a circle of human beings for the practice.